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 Guidelines for using the Forums

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PostSubject: Guidelines for using the Forums   Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:17 am

Dear Members,

While using forums you have to need some guidelines. Guidelines are mention below so that you can get comfort with us.

  • All Members are able to post a reply in most of our forums. Please avoid usage of excessive smilies and colors and fonts.

  • A simple no frill post is always more readable than something fancy. Please do not post in ALL CAPITAL letters.

  • Please do not post another reply if you already are the last poster in a topic. Simply edit you previous post and add additional comments. Moderators would delete any consecutive post without notice.

  • Do not put your name, Address, phone numbers, slogans etc. in each post. If you do want your personal info to show up in each post than put that in your signature and it would automatically show there.

  • You may also post in Hindi or any language of your choice. Our forums support Unicode format.

  • Please exercise caution and diligence when you create a new Topic. Your first post should clearly state what you would like to be discussed in the topic. Choose an appropriate Subject for your Topic. Moderators on their discretion would either delete or publish the new Topic.

  • You can use ICUFCO forum chat by simply clicking on button displaying right bottom side of your forum window. After clicking check 'Log in' box. and start chatting with other online members. You can also leave chat box by simply click 'Log out' displaying on right side of ICUFCO Chat box.

  • While posting an image on the forum you need to 'image code' or 'URL' of an image. To get URL or image code or your image click on 'HOST IMAGE' option button displaying over the post reply box. After hosting you can get links of your image. just copy 'image code' and upload your pic. In case of 'URL', copy URL and click on image option and paste URL.

  • To enable signature in your posting edit your signature from your profile. In case you are not getting signature in your post after editing your signature then kindly go to Profile >>preferences >> Enable signature in my postings.

  • At this time forum is not configured for signature. Till then please use an alternate option. While posting reply or making topic click 'Options' appeared below post reply box. Kindly check 'Attach Signature' option. We are very sorry for inconvenience. Very soon we will update this option.

Thanks & Regards
Indian Comics Universe Fan Club & Organization.
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Guidelines for using the Forums
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